Reduce or Quit Alcohol

Want to Enjoy freedom by Reducing Drinking Alcohol?

The Reduce Drinking Alcohol Program is not for alcoholics, they require a more specialised process which we can also help with in our Quit Drinking Alcohol  Program.

We are a culture of drinkers, which I kindly support when done responsibly, however sometimes we can use alcohol as an emotional crutch that leads us down the slippery slope of another drink to forget, to forgive, to cope, to relax etc.

We believe that alcohol is the symptom not the cause of over drinking and that the desire to drink more than we would like to, is an emotional habit. An emotional habit that can be unlearnt using Hypnosis. It is unrealistic to attempt to stop a client drinking completely unless this is what they want to do, so the aim of this program is to reduce the alcohol intake to a more moderate and acceptable level.

If you are at the point where you want to Quit Drinking Alcohol, we can also help with our Quit Alcohol Program

We understand how to give you Freedom from Drinking Alcohol excessively….

Is your Drinking getting out of control?

The Reduce Alcohol Hypnosis Program is a three session program designed to:

  • Help you be very aware of the circumstances where you are drinking.
  • Help you to become consciously aware of your drinking habits and your reasons for drinking.
  • Help you take responsibility for your drinking, and easily follow a plan for reduction.
  • Help you set healthy sustainable boundaries on your drinking.

It is a three session program. One session per week, for three weeks. You will also be given a support hypnosis Recording to listen to between sessions.

Extra Bonus: We give you complete Free Access to our full Stress & Anxiety Relief online Program to give you the tools to continue to deal with any future stress that comes into your life.

The Quit Alcohol Hypnosis Program is designed to help give clients  Freedom from Alcohol Addiction .

It has 2 Sessions for those that wish to stop drinking alcohol permanently.

They also are given FREE ACCESS to our full online Stress and Anxiety Relief Course

About the Program

This program is for people who recognise that their drinking has increased beyond healthy and is interfering with their lives in negative ways such as:
Spending too much on alcohol?
Drinking alcohol on your own?
Boredom drinking?
Determined on a Monday to drink less this week?
Stressed and drinking?
Feeling hung-over and groggy is spoiling your weekend?
Weight gain from over drinking?
Can’t remember much of the night before?
Alcohol is affecting your relationships?
Ashamed of your behaviour?
Binge drinking?
Offended people whilst you were drunk?
Drinking alcohol on your own?
Aggressive or angry when you drink?
Thinking that only a few drinks per week is unrealistic?
Your children are unhappy with your alcohol drinking?
Have an overwhelming need for alcohol?
Worried about your long term health?
Waking in the middle of the night due to alcohol?
Using alcohol to get to sleep?

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