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Are you ready to enjoy Freedom from Anger?

Your behaviour is a result of early life conditioning, with the help of our Anger Management Townsville Program you have the power to give yourself an upgrade to become a calmer, more rational and happier person. Are you ready for that upgrade?

  • Are your explosive anger outbursts damaging your relationships?
  • Do you keep struggling to understand why you keep doing this?
  • You keep being disappointed in yourself for not being the person that you really want to be?
  • Always questioning yourself about why you behaved that way?

Earlier in your life, old conditioning or programs were installed through repetition into your unconscious mind that can be erased, debugged so to speak, so that life can be so much easier.

New programming can be installed, a bit like clearing out faulty anger files from your hard drive of your computer and replacing them with the latest new computer program. We use a combination of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT – Tapping) to delete the old faulty files and Hypnotherapy to install the new program.

Anger Management Therapy - Hypnosis & Emotional Freedom Centre

Are you ready for that upgrade? It is much easier than you realise, no long-drawn-out talk therapy sessions, let's just get the job done so you can get on with enjoying your life.

What's involved in the Resolve Anger Hypnosis Program?

Your first session Anger Management Townsville is for 2 hours and each of the remaining sessions are 1 hour each. Each session builds on the previous session to give you back control.

Session 1: We address your triggers for anger with Emotional Freedom Techniques and use Hypnosis to disconnect from the anger.

Session 2: We mop up anything that is remaining and start to rebuild your belief in yourself.

Session 3: We lock in this transformation so that you can get on with living your life the way you want to.

Extra Bonus: We give you complete FREE ACCESS to our full Stress & Anxiety Relief online Program which gives you tools to Release any future Stress literally in Minutes.

So you can continue to deal with any future challenges that comes into your life.

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