Anxiety Relief

Are you ready for permanent Anxiety Relief?

Do you ever find yourself?

  • Avoiding Social Events because you get anxious around people you don’t know?
  • Wondering what it would be like to feel comfortable and relaxed in any situation?
  • Feeling anxious if someone asks you a question, because you are so nervous that you may say the wrong thing?
  • Freaking out about doing something out of your comfort zone or even having a panic attack?
  • Living in a constant state of fear about what could go wrong?
  • Worrying about what others are thinking of you?
  • Wondering if they are criticising you?

You are not alone, and you are not wrong or faulty in any way. Anxiety Relief Townsville is just a phone call away.

HEFC Townsville - Hypnosis for Anxiety
EFT improves physiological markers of health - Hypnosis and Emotional Freedom Centre

EFT Tapping is Shown to Be a Fast, Long-Lasting Treatment for Anxiety

76% of Patients Treated with EFT Experienced Complete Remission & Brain Scans Confirm Changes. The brain scans show a shift toward normal levels of brain activity in patients treated with acupoint (EFT). The images shift from red (highly dysfunctional waves) to blue (calmer state), and this corresponded with a decrease in the frequency and intensity of anxiety symptoms. 

Are you ready for Anxiety Relief Townsville to restore your self-confidence and learn to think like a calm, relaxed, rational and confident person?

Ever wonder why you have Anxiety?

Anxiety is an abnormal regulation of fear. We all have primitive reflexes that help to keep us safe. The Amygdala (which is in the Limbic region of the brain) is a neural system for processing fearful and threatening stimuli. It is like a big red emergency button that goes off whenever we feel threatened in some way.

It regulates our stress hormones for fear by sending a message to the hypothalamus to trigger a fight, flight response in the body. This response can be triggered by memories of past unsafe experiences. It does not think, it just acts very fast.

Say you are walking in the grass and you see a snake, your body will instantly go into a reflex response to keep you safe from a perceived danger. You will act before you engage your conscious mind.

Anxiety is not a conscious thought, it happens at an unconscious level as soon as it is triggered by something. It can be likened to a short-circuit or a faulty file in our hard drive, that triggers the anxiety just from a memory or a thought.

You don’t consciously think, “Hey I might bring on some anxiety or a panic attack … that’ll be fun.” Of course not. Anxiety happens unconsciously not consciously.

We can help you gain Anxiety Relief, to be calm, relaxed and in control with our Anxiety Busting Program

We use a combination of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis for Anxiety and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to allow you to experience a software upgrade, so you can function with safety on a faster more efficient platform.

We don’t ask you to tell your life story or to cognitively try to make sense of an irrational fear. With using Hypnosis for Anxiety we allow your unconscious mind to rewire itself, to create new resourceful neurological pathways. We teach you not only, how to deal with stress or how to release stress with powerful stress management techniques but also how to break the cycle of stress and anxiety to achieve rapid anxiety relief. Therefore anxiety becomes something you “used to have.” It belongs in the past.

It's time to LIVE life courageously and BE calm and happy

Over the past several years we have helped thousands of women and men, just like you by tailoring our sessions to work for them individually. Our proven methods will transform your mind and body, so you can really LIVE life on your terms.

And this can be done by stepping into your own personal power, with strength and confidence to make your life what you (actually) want it to be. Let’s work together to remove what’s holding you back and determine what happiness looks like to you and find yourself on the fastest path to get there.

What is involved in our Anxiety Relief Townsville Program?

Your first session is for 2 hours and each of the remaining sessions are 1 hour each.

Each session builds on the previous session to give you back control.

Session 1: We address your triggers for anxiety and use hypnosis to disconnect from the anxiety.

Session 2: We mop up anything that is remaining and start to rebuild your confidence.

Session 3: We lock in this transformation so that you can get on with your life.

Extra Bonus: We give you complete Free Access to our full Stress & Anxiety Relief online Program which gives you tools to Release Stress literally in Minutes.

So you can continue to deal with any future stress that comes into your life.

HEFC Townsville - Hypnosis for Anxiety

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