Quit Smoking Success Stories

“I had the pleasure of working with an incredible hypnotherapist on my journey to quit smoking, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results. From the very first session, their calming and reassuring demeanor immediately put me at ease. The hypnotic techniques used were not only effective but also tailored to address my specific triggers and cravings.

Their expertise in guiding me through the process of breaking free from the smoking habit was truly transformative. I am now proudly smoke-free, and I highly recommend this hypnotherapist to anyone seeking a compassionate and skilled professional to overcome the affliction of smoking.

This hypnotherapist’s commitment to their clients’ well-being is evident in their personalized approach and genuine desire to see positive outcomes. The sessions were not only therapeutic but also empowering, providing me with the tools and mindset needed to conquer the challenges of quitting smoking. If you’re considering hypnotherapy to break free from the grip of tobacco, look no further.

This hypnotherapist is a true expert in their field, and I am immensely grateful for the positive impact they’ve had on my life.  Many thanks Colin!”

Collin Perillo, Townsville

“I wanted, needed to stop smoking I had tried every thing on the market with no success then I saw Colin’s ad. I would like to thank Colin for his very professional attitude towards me and not only for stop smoking but probably prolonging my life! I have no hesitation in recommending COLIN. SOPER !”

Steven Blair, Ayr

“I undertook the Stop Smoking hypnosis program in May 2022 and have not smoked since. This has saved me many thousands of dollars and stopped the persistent cough. Thank you Colin.”

Angela, Townsville (April 2024)

“I have been smoking for over 50 years. I went to see Colin 10 weeks ago and have not had a cigarette since. I have saved nearly $3000. I cannot believe that only one session made the difference and it was cheaper than a carton of cigarettes!

I highly recommend Colin to anyone seeking to change their life and be free of cigarettes.”


Sue, Townsville

“My husband and I really wanted to give up smoking this was our last attempt.  We are so happy we have not smoked since January 2023, its now December 2023.

Want to give up smoking come and visit Hypnosis & Emotional you won’t regret it.”

Michelle, Townsville

“Colin has helped me now with both smoking and alcohol. I have not smoked for over 5 years now and my alcohol consumption has been reduced significantly.”

Jerry Souter (Townsville)

“September 2021 I contacted Colin and signed up to the Quit smoking hypnosis session.

I had no idea what to expect, but I wanted to quit smoking so badly that I was willing to give it a go.

My hubby, a heavy smoker, was also interested and wanted to quit.. however, it was very clear that I was going to be the Guinea pig and my outcome would determine if he was going to make himself an appt with Colin.

So, with an open mind I attended my session with Colin… turns out this was undoubtedly the BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE!!

I walked out of my session a non smoker….

From the time my appt ended I have never craved or even thought to have a smoke.
It’s like a switch has been flicked – it’s like I was never a smoker.
I wasn’t cranky or moody and I didn’t have withdrawals.
I could happily and comfortably be in the company of smokers without being tempted. Smoking was something that I just didn’t do anymore.

My hubby couldn’t believe it…. No mood swings…. No cravings… and after nearly 2 months of me being smoke free he booked himself an appt with Colin.

I am so happy that as of today I am 6 months smoke free and my hubby is 4 months smoke free.

We can’t believe how much more time we have in our lives… so much time we wasted sitting around and smoking.
Our life has changed so much… our life is lighter, our wallets are heavier and our health is better.

I smoked for 20 years, and he smoked for 27+ years and it is such an achievement and we are so proud of ourselves and thankful to Colin for the help.

If you are wanting to quit smoking then I highly recommend seeing Colin – just imagine being able to add years to you life…we did and it is an amazing feeling!!”

Hayley, Townsville

I saw Colin August 2020 to stop smoking  I had been hypnotised before without success. After 1 session with Colin I have not had one cigarette. I still get triggered occasionally but it’s easy to chose not to smoke. I can honestly say I have not had a drag of a cigarette since a session with Colin . I’m so happy I don’t smoke anymore.

Lisa, Townsville

I smoked a pack of 40 a day for over 40 years. 1 session with Colin and I have not had a smoke for 6 months.

Ian, Townsville

Hi Col, it’s 10 days off 3 years and I still haven’t had tobacco. Thanks again mate. Didn’t think I would last this long after 43 years of smoking.

Byron, Townsville

Hey every one just wanting to say Colin and Wendy are really great people and know what they are talking about I went in Jan 2016 to give up smoking not sure if it would work but I’m glad to say it works as I’ve not smoked in 6years and as you would suspect I’m feeling great so if your thinking of giving up smoking for your health /pocket then can’t recommend Colin and Wendy from Hypnosis and Emotional Freedom Centre highly enough they really do care.

Flo, Townsville

I’ve been a smoker for over 40 years, and tried heaps of different ways to give up. I’ve never been hypnotised before and I have to admit to being a little worried that I might leave the session and quack like a duck when someone mentioned cigarettes – but it didn’t happen *whew* What DID happen, is I no longer even thing about smoking as something I should be doing. I don’t want a smoke, I don’t notice when others around me are smoking, and within a couple of weeks the habit of reaching for a smoke when I have a coffee had disappeared.

Colin made the session interesting, and was easy to talk to. My friends and workmates are stunned to see me not smoking – in fact 4 of them are talking about having Colin work his miracles with them too. I highly recommend the Hypnosis and Emotional Freedom Centre if you need to make changes in your life … thanks Colin.

Leanne, Townsville

I had been a smoker for 30+ years I had tried a couple of times on my own an never managed to kick it. I wanted to be free of cigarettes and made an appointment to see Colin in January 2021, I wasn’t sure what to expect but was ready to breathe clear air for the rest of my life. I walked out of my visit with Colin as a non smoker, I feel like I have never smoked, it is now over a year and no cravings to relapsing. I am a non smoker!! I can’t believe how much this has changed my life! I highly recommend this if you truly want be free from smoking. Thank you Colin.

Kristy, Townsville

I Quit smoking at the Hypnosis & Emotional Freedom Centre 2 ½ years ago. I’m happy that I gave them up. I feel a lot better and healthier and my bank account is much better. Socially it’s much better because before I always had to leave to go and smoke.

Giving up with this program was so easy and I had been smoking on and off for 35 years, since I was 15. I am 100% better and it’s a permanent change in my life. Now I can’t even stand the smell of cigarettes. I’m really happy that I did it.

Steven, Ingham

I am so appreciative of Colin helping me save my own self and life. I have no clue on how this quit smoking actually works though I am forever grateful to be free of smoking cigarettes.

People; you have nothing to lose and your life to gain. Best money I ever spent.

It’s been 3 months now and I know I’ll never smoke again. After 32 years of smoking, I’m amazed. I wasn’t cranky or antsy, and other people smoking around me doesn’t affect me at all.

Best thing I have ever done. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Maite, Townsville

A few weeks after doing the quit smoking program I thought I would still have issues or cravings. I’ve socialised with friends who smoke since then and even thought about having a smoke, but then realised I don’t feel the need to smoke anymore. No pangs, no real feelings about it anymore. I have no more desire for smoking. I feel like I’ve never smoked before. The program was so easy.

Lee, Home Hill

The most amazing feeling. Definitely will never smoke again. I felt very comfortable and will recommend this to anyone.

Tony, Townsville

Well, I smoked since I was 13 and stopped at 48 thanks to this. It’s been 8 weeks and not a single durrie and feel good, thank you.

John, Townsville

My wife and I did this with Colin over a month ago and haven’t even thought about having a smoke since. We have been around smokers, been to parties, done all of the usual habitual things we associate with smoking and it is like there is an invisible barrier that just won’t let us pick up a cigarette – it is amazing!!! Highly worth it for your health and hip pocket. 10/10 from us.

Mick, Townsville

I have been a smoker for the biggest part of my life (45 years). Have tried to Quit several times, this is the first time I will be leaving a “non” smoker. Feels great and a good decision. Great work Colin, Thanks.

Peter, Townsville

I needed and wanted to change. Colin helped me realise the other areas in my life also attributing to my smoking.  I am now a non-smoker and I look forward to a longer life.  I’m glad I saw Colin who provided an easy alternative to Quit.

Connie, Townsville

13 years of smoking. I quit enough times to quit, “quitting.”  2 weeks and 3 days later a solid non-smoker and I’ve had plenty of drinking sessions and I can fairly say I’m cured. I’ve never felt better.  Thanks mate and to all that reads this it is worth it.


I used to smoke 20 to 30 cigarettes a day. 5 months ago, I came in to see Colin, brought my smokes in with me. I threw them in the bin when I left and I had no desire to smoke afterwards. I used the reminder card and sheets that Colin had given me afterwards. I know I will never smoke again.  I had tried to quit many times but it was only temporary before. I know this is permanent this time.


I stopped automatically after the Quit Smoking session with Colin, felt really good afterwards. I went home, felt tired, listened to the Stress Reduction CD that Colin had given me and I have never wanted a cigarette since.  I highly recommend doing the hypnosis to quit. It has been 10 months since I quit and I’ve had no dramas, it was easy. I was smoking 25 cigarettes a day and if I was drinking, I would smoke more.

I feel really, really good and healthy now. I can breathe, no more anxiety or depression either. I have continued with the tapping (EFT) and used the Stress Reduction CD that Colin recommended and I have felt really good ever since.

Chrissy, Townsville

Hi Colin, just a note to say thank you for your Quit Cigarettes programme. It’s been two years today since I came to see you and I haven’t touched a cigarette since.

The freedom from the “need” to smoke and all the other benefits associated with being a non-smoker are wonderful. Your hypnosis treatment was one of the best things I’ve done in my life and I wish every smoker could understand how effective it is.  Thanks again.

Paul, Townsville

came on 30 July and did the quit smoking program. I had previously quit for 2 years but took it back up again. I came and saw Colin. I can do nothing but refer the hypnosis to give up smoking. For the first 2 hours I couldn’t even say the word smoke. It wouldn’t come out of my mouth.  Now if I think of a smoke, I get this foul taste in my mouth. I have not put weight on. I’m not stressed at all about it.

I would refer it to anybody. I think it is the best way to quit. It saves money. What I’ve paid for has saved me money already in not buying smokes. 100%. I love it.

Nicole, Townsville

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