Reduce Anxiety Success Stories

“My anxiety was in such a bad state that I couldn’t drive any more, I was afraid of being in small spaces with the doors closed, my panic attacks where multiple times daily with no real reason.

My first session with Colin was intense but a few days after I started to feel more relaxed, minutes after my second session I started to drive again, I didn’t feel so panicked in smaller spaces and I use the tapping method every time I feel anxious and within minutes I feel fine again. My third session showed me how far I had come in such a short amount of time.

I highly recommend Colin, he is easy to talk to and has zero judgment, he helped give me back my confidence and I’ll forever be grateful.”

Samantha, Townsville

“My experience with Colin was exceptional, he is world class and I highly recommend him. He is obviously very experienced and also very caring. I’ve had some amazing results in what would be considered quite a short time (a few months), so I’m really happy I took the steps to get his help and do the course.”

Tony, Mission Beach

“Colin has been amazing with helping me to overcome my anxiety and depression. It wasn’t just about listening to me talk about what was happening. He helped me to apply the tools so that I could actually move pass the things that were causing me grieve. I am in a much better place now because of all the things Colin helped me with. Thank you so much Colin, for everything you’ve done!”

Cha Xiong, Innisfail

“Colin and Wendy are very welcoming, I would recommend anyone dealing with anxiety or stress to contact them. After three sessions they have completely changed my own levels of both stress and anxiety and provided me with the tools and support to improve my life dramatically! Thank you Colin and Wendy.”

Nick, Townsville

“Thank you so much to Colin for the help he has given our family, the programs have not only been educational and helpful, but life changing. Colin adapted his techniques to enable my daughter to be comfortable and openly voice how she was feeling and what she wanted to do and get out of the sessions. The changes are beyond my expectations.”

Shannon, Townsville

“I went to Colin Soper suffering from panic attacks and chronic anxiety. After one session, my panic attacks reduced by 80% and after three sessions were gone completely. Better yet, he taught me how to manage my panic attacks and anxiety myself without meds. Highly recommend.”

Jody, Townsville

“If you’re feeling stressed, suffering from anxiety and using either food or cigarettes to deal with things then Colin and Wendy are precisely the people you should be talking to. They helped me get to the core of my self destructive behaviours and change them. Can’t say thank you enough.”

Owen, Townsville

“Colin has been an incredible asset to my healing journey this year. He offers a space where you can feel very safe, calm and vulnerable, enabling you to overcome any and all mental ailments you are struggling with/ have struggled with in the past.  Colin’s work has changed my life and I could not recommend him highly enough.”

Brianna, Townsville

“It been a very positive and life changing experience. Now I have the tools, I will continue to work toward my mind freedom and I have complete confidence in my ability to take my life back from anxiety to calmness and happiness.”

Debbie, Townsville

“Colin’s assistance in helping to bring EFT back into my life has been pivotal in calming the perceived chaos that was going on for a period in my life. His calm presence and approach creates a safe place allowing you to learn (or relearn in my case) the technique to effectively deal with uncomfortable ‘stuff’.”

Amanda Blazely, Townsville

I was feeling depressed, anxious and highly stressed, and things were really getting on top of me. Since working with Colin at the Hypnosis & Emotional Freedom Centre I am now calmer, more focused and deal more easily with issues as they come up. I am not finding life as overwhelming as I am dealing with things a lot better.

I am more hopeful for the future and I am building confidence. I am starting to understand how the mind works which is making it easier to work through things.

After working through Nutritional and Emotional areas I decided to do the Goal Achiever Coaching Program. I am only half way through and my eyes have really opened up to new possibilities. I don’t have to go along with life as it is, and I have realised that anything is possible for me.

I saw the movie “The Secret” but never knew how to apply it. The Goal Achiever Program is putting the picture together for me and giving me real tools to make things happen.

Kristen, Townsville

I’m an anxious flyer. I used the tapping method (Emotional Freedom Technique) and no medication or earplugs and I completed 4 flights. I just used the tapping before each flight and it worked so well. I’m really happy.

I haven’t been tapping for very long, but whenever I felt a little anxious, I just did some tapping and I was able to fly with no worries. I used to have to take medication and wear earplugs. I just couldn’t handle the noise. But for the first time, I was fine to fly. I looked out the window, looked around. I used to just sit there but now I felt relaxed and actually read a book.

A very different experience for me after 30 years of anxiety around flying.

Rhonda, Townsville

I went to see Colin Soper to look into my lack of energy and not feeling good. During the session I went into a panic due to a frog croaking very loudly outside of the clinic room. My appointment time was during a period of very heavy rain.

Colin didn’t know what was happening to me at first, as I had my hands over my ears, also tapping my ears to try and stop the sound. You see I had a massive frog phobia for over 20 years, which made life very difficult. When Colin found out what was happening he asked if he could help me using some tapping points on the body, what I later found out was EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

He started tapping and each time between rounds he asked questions of how I was feeling; the fear I had got less and less, until it was completely gone. It was like a miracle to me. This whole process took about 10 minutes.

It has totally changed my life. I can now say the word FROG, look at a picture of a frog; hear frogs and nothing bothers me about them. I am truly thankful to Colin for this.

Linda, Townsville

In 2004 I had some fairly bad experiences with flying which resulted in me avoiding flying altogether. I could not even pick up the phone to go to book a flight, the thought of it would start to make me physically ill, anxious and panicky.

My Uncle knew about the Colin and Wendy and mentioned that maybe they could help. I was very sceptical that anything could help me.

I decided to give it a go and to my amazement after only 2 sessions in with Colin September 2008 I felt totally calm around the thought of flying.

I then decided to try it in the real world in late 2008. I had no problems at all, in fact I was absolutely calm throughout the entire flight.

Last time I flew before this I could not look out the window without my stomach just about jumping out of my throat. I flew from Townsville – Brisbane – Sydney and returned and did it easily and happily looked out the window. I was very comfortable and happy.

Justin, Townsville

After suffering postnatal anxiety and panic attacks weeks after the delivery of my fourth child I was referred to Wendy and Colin and I couldn’t be more grateful.

I had a bad experience with the anti-anxiety drugs that I was prescribed by my GP but with Wendy’s guidance and ongoing support I have regained my confidence and therefore control of my life. I have learnt so much about myself and dealt with past traumas so that I can now say they are in the past.

I have a stronger character and I am making plans for my future that I always knew I wanted but didn’t know where to begin. I feel like my life has kick started again and it’s exciting because the future is so much easier with the support and encouragement of Wendy and Colin.

Stacey, Townsville

I had seen a few psychologists for just over 12 months for Relationship issues and some Career counselling.  I found it a little helpful but didn’t see any real changes within myself.

A friend recommended me to Colin at this time as I had persistent anxiety for over 18 months and was quite stressed in my job.

After only 3 months I now find myself with renewed confidence, I feel better about myself and have an awareness of who I am as a person. Colin helped me to be relaxed and confident in my job and released the Anxiety I had for the previous 18 months.

He gave me the encouragement and motivation to reach for my Goals. He showed me how to think to overcome any situation. I now have purpose and direction in my life, my relationship has improved and I feel I continue to get happier. And I am also starting a new course part time in January next year that leads me towards my future Goals.

LK, Townsville

I want to thank you Colin for the immeasurable impact you have had on my life. I never could imagine living with such joy and freedom. What I had accepted as normal with persistent anxiety and the sense that I was living in my own personal prison of stress and fear, is now completely gone.

I feel that the childhood trauma that had taken me to that place has no impact on me whatsoever and for the first time I am free to be fearless, at peace and to truly explore my potential and live life for the first time ever.

You have saved and enriched my marriage, you have allowed me to be a peaceful, present mother and a truly engaged friend. I feel like I am emotionally connecting with others and the world for the first time. You have also helped me overcome great physical challenges with my health which I believe were closely related to stress and emotional factors.

I honestly feel reborn after years of seeking help from psychologists, doctors and naturopaths and will never be able to thank you enough! I wish everyone had access to what you offer- true, complete healing on the deepest subconscious levels. You have given me effective tools for dealing with the challenges I face daily. I believe you are a gift from God and I will be forever grateful!

Estelle, Townsville

Most of my life I have spent being quiet and nervous around people. I would generally not speak unless spoken to and refrain from conversation if I could help it. The very thought of being in public would send me into a state of anxiousness. I didn’t have many friends as I wasn’t able to engage in conversations without feeling out of place. Entering shopping centres or other public places would make me feel very nervous.

Since having EFT with Colin I’m more than excited about the opportunity to engage in the general public and look forward to meeting new and interesting people, who now say I’m friendly and outgoing. My family are now enjoying a calmer and more relaxed me. Thank you.

Monica, Townsville

I came to see Wendy for some other advice.  I just happened to mention I was having a lot of pain with a tooth.  I needed to go to the Dentist but had been putting it off due to my fear of needles and drills etc…

So, Wendy helped me using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to release my fears.  I was then able to go to the Dentist without the fear and apprehension.  It was as easy as going shopping WOW!

DG, Townsville

I had to go into hospital to have four wisdom teeth out and a mole removed. When I came out of the anaesthetic and went home, I felt alright.

However, by the third night I had not slept for more than one to two hours in total. I was feeling shaky and anxious, I was terrified of needles, I had a phobia of swallowing blood, and anxious about not sleeping. A Doctor gave me sleeping pills which I wouldn’t take.

I booked in to see Colin in a terrible state. He worked on all of the above issues with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and got the intensity down of each issue from as high as 8 down to zero (0 to 10 scale, 10 being worst).

After I went home, I went to bed and slept for seven hours straight, and woke up the next morning feeling a whole lot better. I had no shakiness or anxiety, and it was a huge weight off my shoulders.

RC, Hyde Park

I came to see Colin for anxiety.  I’d never heard of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) before.  I suffered from extreme anxiety and I didn’t leave my house because of it.  I managed to go to work, but it would make me feel sick to my stomach.  I didn’t go to the shops or visit friends.

I could only visit people I really felt comfortable with, like my parents.  After the first session I started doing EFT once or twice a day.  After the second session I reduced that to just doing EFT when I felt the need.  And now I’m a completely different person.

I’m much happier and I can go wherever I want now.  I get my nails done; I go out for dinner which I never could before.  I go to shopping centres; I can go anywhere now.  It’s had a massive impact and it’s definitely a positive change.  EFT has changed my relationships with people.  I just feel happy.  I’ve got the tools now to help me for the rest of my life.

Courtney, Townsville

I have written a few words as a testimonial to the effectiveness of your treatment for stress and anxiety.

Early this year I was at a crisis point in my life. I had recently moved to Townsville to join a local company in a new role and was experiencing a great deal of stress and anxiety at work. The stress and strain were starting to affect my personal and home life and was threatening to overwhelm me to the point where I was frequently not able to think clearly or feel secure in my abilities to handle my day-to-day work responsibilities.

Within minutes of meeting Wendy, she was able to touch on a very important personal issue that had been unresolved for decades. Using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) she allowed me to release some very deep and powerful emotions that I had been carrying around for almost forty years. Over the following weeks other feelings that had been submerged deep inside emerged spontaneously to be released.

Sometimes I was fully aware of where these feelings related to; at other times I was not. Either way, it did not seem to matter because immediately after my first EFT session and then cumulatively over the following weeks I found that I was living with a noticeably lower level of stress and anxiety. There was a greater sense of ease in my relationships with colleagues at work and with family members at home.

On my second visit, Wendy undertook a course of muscle testing to identify and correct any non-functioning muscles.

Immediately after this treatment I was able to breathe with greater ease and depth than before. The two EFT treatments have made a lasting and profound difference to my sense of comfort and well-being.

I am very appreciative of the help that I received from both Colin and Wendy and would certainly recommend EFT to anybody who wanted to improve their health and peace of mind.

Peter, Annandale

It was so wonderful meeting you at the Life Success conference. I can’t thank you enough for helping me.

I struggled waking up in the morning for 40 years. I would exhibit an excruciating stomach ache and perspiration beyond belief. I have prayed that I would not wake up, so that I would not be faced with the symptoms every morning.

I thank God you were able to eliminate these symptoms. Using the EFT technique and your expertise and pure love for people, I am able to function and enjoy my day. Thank you.

Laura, USA

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