Weight Loss Success Stories

HEFC - Hypnotherapy Success Stories - Weight Loss

Georgie’s Weight Loss Journey

I have tried a hundred different things before but I could never stick with anything or it never worked. This is really easy.

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HEFC - Hypnotherapy Success Stories - Weight Loss

Michael’s Lifestyle Change

The best thing for me was to focus on my reasons for wanting to lose weight and it has paid off. I have lost over 36kgs.

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HEFC - Hypnotherapy Success Stories - Weight Loss

Ray and Jenny’s Weight Loss Journey

Between us we have lost 47kg and feel better than we have for a very long time.

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HEFC - Hypnotherapy Success Stories - Weight Loss

Sarita’s Weight Loss Journey

After only just 6-weeks on the program and the wonderful support from Wendy, I weighed 9.9kg less and feel much slimmer, healthier and happier.

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HEFC - Hypnotherapy Success Stories - Weight Loss

Amanda’s Weight Loss Journey

I have lost 80kg, I cannot describe how much better I feel, I have so much energy and I am so much happier in myself.

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HEFC - Hypnotherapy Success Stories - Weight Loss

Kelly’s Weight Loss Journey

I have been on my hypnosis journey since June 2019 and so far, have nearly lost 30kg!

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“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Colin. I first saw Colin to assist with weight loss and to help get me out of a programmed association with food…(I.e. eating because ‘it’s time’, having seconds because it tastes good, and eating leftovers because I didn’t want to waste them). Colin assisted by re-training me to think differently about food, which in turn, helped the weight fall off.

I couldn’t be more grateful for his teachings and techniques and now have recordings to listen to whenever I slip back into old habits. Greatly recommend Colin for anyone needing assistance with weight loss and/or a healthier association with food.”

Nikki, Townsville

“Colin made weight loss easy without any fad diets. Just healthy life choices.

This on top of quitting smoking and I have found a new energy that I never had in the past. Recommend it for anyone that wants a change.”

Dwayne, Moranbah

“I had been recommended to go see Colin from a friend who achieved her weight loss goal… I went in thinking it would never work and I was never going to reach my goal… I completed my 4 sessions and have so far lost 16kg 😃 My physical health and mental health has completely changed for the better. I can’t thank Colin enough! I can now shop for clothes a lot easier! Colin was amazing to work with and I would 110% recommend going to see him if your struggling 😃”


“I have been working with Colin for about 6 weeks now – he is helping me with weight loss (virtual gastric band hypnosis). I am also learning emotional freedom techniques to help me manage life stress. I could not be happier with my results so far. The weight is falling off and I do not have that feeling I am on a restrictive diet.

Colin is providing me with the tools and support that I need to successfully lose the weight and keep it off. I would recommend Colin’s program to anyone that is looking for a safe, affordable and healthy way to lose weight. Colin’s support is invaluable. I am excited about the results i am seeing each week and I am truly motivated to achieve the goals that we have set together.

Thank you Colin. You have given me a new lease on life – I cannot thank you enough!!! If you are someone that has struggled with maintaining a healthy weight — I whole heartedly encourage you to reach out to Colin at the Hypnosis and Emotional Freedom Clinic. I truly believe he can help you like he is helping me!!”


My husband and I have been on this journey with Colin since mid January 2022 and between us we have lost about 43kg so far. It is hard work and you have to be determined but the hypnotherapy is a great way to give you the kick start you need.

Tracey, Ingham

Before booking an appointment with Colin for Weight Loss Hypnotherapy (VGB), my weight had continued to steadily increase, to almost 120 kg. I’d booked my appointment and was very hopeful about this approach, when my doctor diagnosed hyperglycaemia, and the likelihood of developing full blown diabetes soon. So by the time of my first appointment, I had an even bigger incentive. I was hopeful, but unsure if I would be able to carry out what Colin was talking about – then the hypnosis started. I could feel the difference in both my stomach and my mind right then! By the end of the session, I walked out, seeing myself already at my goal, and my mind absolutely knew this would happen. And it is happening. I am noticeably smaller, and steadily heading towards my own goal.

I get to enjoy healthy food of my own choosing, that I know I can sustain for the rest of my life. All this, plus feeling healthier and more energetic without ever feeling deprived or having to go through the more tedious aspects of other weight loss programs such as weighing foods, journaling foods, counting calories and so on.

Thanks to this program, I now understand the factors and choices from the past that led to my weight problems, and that these factors no longer bind me. The caring follow-up to make sure I am on track and answer questions is also helpful and much appreciated, since I have quite a lot of weight to lose.

Teresa, Home Hill

I am a new client of Colin and Wendy’s and am extremely happy with my progress so far. I have weight issues and am happy to report a 6 kg loss within the first six weeks of the Virtual Gastric Band program. Everything is so easy! I have adapted quickly and easily to a healthy eating program and the elimination of certain foods and habits has been effortless. They provide excellent support and I can’t recommend their services enough. I look forward to reaching my goals in the not too distant future and say to anyone, if you want results, don’t hesitate, they are AMAZING!

Pauline, Townsville

I started the Gastric Band Program 2 months ago and already I have lost 10kgs. It is the easiest thing I have ever done. I have tried diets, shakes and tablets from the Doctor before but nothing worked or was sustainable. This has been well worth the money, I’m now drinking lots of water, eating 70% less food and am very energetic now. It has been very easy to succeed and maintain. Thank you.


Starting my journey with weight loss and getting healthier was very hard for me. I did not actually believe in hypnosis which was a big thing for me to overcome just to get started for me to make this journey.

After making the first steps to come into Wendy’s office, Wendy made me feel very at home and welcomed. It just seemed the right thing for me to do to lose weight and get healthier. Another challenge was overcoming my health problems with my lymphoedema in my leg. It’s now 100% better.

I’ve lost a lot of weight. I haven’t had much trouble changing my eating habits. Of course, I had to do a few things but in reality, the hypnosis made it much easier. All the snacking and binging stopped in the first week. My sleep improved, I found I was much less stressed and my energy levels are way better.

I’ve really enjoyed the walking. I now like the person I see in the mirror. And just the support and the comfort of knowing that everything is going to be ok and that I can actually achieve this was a great thing for me.

Lee, Townsville

I started the Gastric Band Hypnosis 8 weeks ago.  It’s been an interesting journey where I have learnt a lot about myself. It’s a very easy program to follow. You get lots of support and there is plenty of question time.

Where other programs focus on diet & exercise, this focuses more on your mindset, which is pivotal to doing anything, because unless your mind is in it, your body is not going to do it. I have tried to lose weight a lot of times before where I would start to lose weight, then go off it and put weight back on.

My goal is to lose 24kg, I’ve already lost 7kg. I feel this is something I will keep going with to reach my goal weight. There are no restrictions, you just eat smaller amounts of food easily because of how the hypnosis helps change how you feel about food. It also helps with you getting more physically active.

If you want to eat something you can. I feel I will easily achieve my goal now as it is definitely an easier program than I have ever done before. In the nutrition session I learnt a lot from different ways to tweak what I was already doing and there is also great support between sessions.

Tina, Townsville

Since the first day on the VGB program I’ve given up soft drink. I was drinking 2-4 litres per day. I’ve also given up red bull which I was a big fan of and I was having at least 2 a day. My meal portions have dropped at least by half even a little bit more. I feel really good, no hunger at all.

I don’t feel the need to go to the fridge when I get home from work or eat some chips and then go out and eat again. That’s all gone now. I’ve dropped 6kg in 6 weeks. This is definitely a lifetime change and not a diet. I’ve changed what I eat and I don’t feel the need to snack anymore between meals. I’m feeling very good.

Bec, Ayr

I think the Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis program is the best thing I have ever done. It was very easy, simple in fact, you don’t even think you are on a diet. It’s improved my health, my outlook on life. It has even improved my sleeping a lot. I’m a lot more relaxed. I think it has helped my blood pressure as well, with me testing it, it has been normal more consistently.

It’s been great, best thing, and I should have done it earlier. I’ve dropped 2 dress sizes and I’m fitting into clothes I haven’t fitted into in 2 years. I know I will just keep going because I know I have created permanent change. I just know I will reach my goal weight. Best thing I have ever done.

Isabel, Ingham

I first saw Wendy to lose over 30kg through hypnosis rather than a Gastric Band operation. My marriage ended abruptly before my next appointment and Wendy helped me to deal with my emotions, told me lots of home truths while encouraging me and always in a positive way. I found Hypnosis worked for me and I easily started to lose weight and listened to my tape every night.

I have always been an Emotional Eater, an ice-cream lover and enjoyed a bit too much wine. Through Hypnosis and on-line sessions including EFT tapping and Stress Relief, Wendy has given me the tools to find what works for me and I am now treating my body with the love and respect it deserves.

“Slim, Fit and Healthy” has become my new mantra, as well as JERF, Just Eat Real Food. I am finally ready to let go of my excess weight, my pain and heartache and it’s working! I know I won’t be that size and shape ever again. I love myself and I AM WORTHY!

I can’t thank Wendy enough for all the help she has given me and I know she is proud of my efforts. I am a Work in Progress, but that’s okay. Life is a Journey, not a Destination.

Wendy and Colin know how to help you, so please reach out to them for help.

Glynis, Charters Towers

I’m now in my 3rd month of my Gastric Band Hypnosis program. It has been the easiest process I have ever been through, I’m finding that I have so much more energy, I’m not feeling anywhere near as bloated as I was, that’s the biggest thing. I am down a complete size in underwear, it is the easiest thing I have tried and I feel it is a permanent change. Physically I cannot eat a massive meal. It tastes good, it is brilliant.

Normally I would completely stuff myself and eat the whole plate but now it’s more about enjoying what I am putting into my mouth, savouring that flavour, and the taste and I feel full really quickly. A bread and butter plate is my dinner. That is the biggest meal I can actually eat. The best thing is energy, I have so much more energy. I don’t know what I weigh and I don’t really want to know. I am feeling so good and to me that is want I want, I need to feel good to be happy. I know I will get to my goal shape and size easily.

Maria, Townsville

My experience with the Gastric Band Hypnosis Program has been that it is much easier than I expected. I thought I would not be able to do this because I was so dependent on eating due to my stress levels. It’s been easier to stick to it and to find the time in the day to listen to the hypnosis track, just making it a part of my daily routine.

It’s been much easier than anything else I have tried, especially with working and having teenage kids. They’ve had to realise that this is my time for me and it’s what I want to do. For once this is something just for me and not them. I’ve dropped 6 kilos in 6 weeks. I believe this will easily get to my goal weight and size. It’s just a part of my daily routine and habits now, it’s become a new way of life automatically.

Donna, Townsville

My sister successfully Quit Smoking with Colin and came home with a brochure on the Gastric Band Hypnosis program. I thought, I want to do this, this is for me. I have found it so easy. It feels natural, not like a diet.

Also, I have never been a person to exercise and whilst it isn’t a big part of the program I just love exercising now and I feel great. It’s a fantastic program with lots of help from Colin and Wendy.

Kylie, Townsville

I’m 9 weeks into the Virtual Gastric Band program with Colin and have lost 8 kg so far.  I am now at the stage where I am going to my wardrobe and picking out clothes that hadn’t fitted me for a long time.  I’m feeling more motivated just even getting in and out of the car and more motivated to get out into the garden.

I have found the program very easy; my meal sizes have reduced 70% from day one.  The minute I eat a bit more I don’t feel comfortable at all.  It is not a guilt feeling but an uncomfortable feeling in my body.  I remember when I listened to the audio from the first session, I could feel the band in my stomach.

I don’t feel it as much anymore but I know for the first couple of weeks I could actually feel the band tightening in my stomach while listening to the audio and feeling nauseous when thinking about eating.  But I don’t feel nauseous anymore and I don’t crave food.  For a couple of weeks there I didn’t even feel like cooking, whereas now I do feel like cooking again but when I am cooking, I can prepare the whole meal without tasting it.

I had tried Weightwatchers over the years where I dropped 20 kilos but put back on 30 kilos.  While I was on it, it was good, but I couldn’t sustain it and I didn’t like the fact that packet/diet foods were promoted.  I am not into that; I prefer more natural foods which is why I find this really easy.

I don’t feel like I’m on a diet.  I am finding it easy because for example, I don’t look at it like a piece of chocolate, I actually don’t feel like eating it although I know I can.  Same with a piece of cake, I know I can eat it but I just don’t want to.

This is the first time I have thought that I can achieve my goals, the first time in decades.  I love it!

Carmel, Bowen

The Virtual Gastric Band program has helped me change the way I think about food and I basically have my 3 meals a day, I don’t think about food or focus on anything in between that, I’m just happy drinking my water and cups of coffee and feel I am getting fitter and have more energy.

Rhonda, Ayr

I had an interesting situation with water where I went from drinking no water to drinking 5 or 6 x 600ml bottles everyday… so 3 to 3 ½ litres everyday through EFT tapping.  I didn’t like drinking water at all out of plastic, I would drink out of glass but I would not drink out of plastic.  In fact, I only drank about 600ml of water a week if I was lucky.

I am doing the Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis program and obviously not drinking water was not a good thing for my health.  I was also drinking 3 cans of coke a day, if not more as well.

Before starting the tapping I wouldn’t drink out of the plastic cup Colin had, but within just 3-4 minutes of tapping the taste changed completely and it has now been months and I have felt fine, perfect, my body is functioning a whole lot better!

I would say to everyone that the EFT tapping works, 100 per cent guaranteed!

Christine, Townsville

I had some strong negativity about walking up Inkerman Hill, I just hated it. Colin did 2 rounds of tapping with me (Emotional Freedom Technique) around this issue.  After that I went home with a completely different mindset about walking up that hill.  I actually enjoyed it, my mind was quiet, no mental resistance or battle going on. I made it to the top. It’s getting easer each time I go now because I’m not fighting within myself mentally about doing it. I am really enjoying the Virtual Gastric Band Program. Thank you.

Hayley, Ayr

This program has helped me so much. I’m not eating as much as I used to and I don’t think about food as much. I just have my three meals a day and I feel so much better about myself now. I am losing weight and I’m confident this is a lifelong change for me. I’m committed to staying true to the program until I reach my goal weight. I’ve found I’m not interested in the bad foods anymore, I’m just eating the good foods and making healthier choices.

Denise, Townsville

I have been exceptionally happy with the results that I have achieved with the Gastric Band Hypnotherapy program. Even though I was a bit hesitant at first, I was soon convinced that I had made the right choice in taking that first step. My eating habits immediately changed making me feel empowered and happy not only with the weight loss but also with the health benefits.

My digestive problems eased with the smaller amounts of food I was eating and my blood pressure dropped.  I would not hesitate to recommend this program to anyone who like me needs help to stop thinking about food all the time and needs a little push to get active.

Jenny, Townsville

I was 10kg overweight and I had terrible eating patterns. I would eat nothing all day and then binge on a whole pizza. Eating the wrong things at the wrong times.

The Virtual Gastric Band program has taught me to eat the right things at the right times with the right portions. I feel better and my body feels mended now or even fixed.  The program was so easy and is now a part of my life. A new habit that makes me feel so comfortable even in social situations. I’m so happy and feeling so healthy.

It’s been about 6 weeks and I’ve lost 5kg, but it feels like I’ve lost 10kg. I have that amazing feeling of achievement that comes with a permanent change.

Joanne, Home Hill

Six weeks ago, I came to start the Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Program. I have lost 5 kilograms in weight during this time and in the process, I learned so much about myself. I am well on my way to achieving my weight loss goal along with many other goals.

First of all, I would like to say I’m very grateful and thankful.  I have found Wendy Soper to have helped me in not just my weight issues but in all areas of my life.  I have found that she’s a very genuine and very helpful person.  She has created a new path for me to follow.  A path that is going to be full of laughter, happiness, acceptance and gratitude.  And she’s helped me to leave the past of not feeling worthy and feeling unhappy behind.  Now I’ve found this path, I’m going to keep it forever because she has helped ingrain that into my mind.

She has given me the power to be who I want to be.  She has taught me that I am the captain of my own ship and wherever I steer it, that’s where it will take me.  She has shown me all of the potentials that we all have that lie within us.  She has lifted all that out from within me and given it to me like a magic wand. I will be forever grateful.

She has taught me a lot of things about myself that I never knew I had in me.  The power to be who you really want to be.  To go to places, to go within yourself to get every aspect of your dreams to come to fruition.  And I thank you so much Wendy for giving me this magical wand that I will use every day.

Marilyn, Townsville

I decided to do this program to lose weight and to change my mindset about food. I’ve found it to be very helpful for these goals. It has helped alter my view of how much I need to eat, previously I was eating too much and now I know my body doesn’t need a lot of food to be healthy. I would recommend this program to other people as a cost-effective way of retraining ourselves to have a healthy mindset.

Sarah, Townsville

I came to the Virtual Gastric Program after seeing an ad on Facebook and, for me, this was the last resort before surgery. I have been overweight my entire life and have tried every diet there is. I really didn’t want to resort to surgery so coming into this program I was hopeful but also sceptical as I had never been hypnotised before.

My initial discussion with Wendy was very helpful and allowed me to understand the underlying causes of my bad eating habits. After the first session of hypnosis I immediately noticed in myself an urge to drink water and I had hated to drink water prior to my session. I usually drank 2-3 cans of diet coke per day and would often reach for diet coke rather than water when I was thirsty. Within the first couple of days I had quit a 30 year addiction to drinking diet coke and was now drinking water frequently.

My portion sizes and my number of meals per day have both decreased over the course of the program. I’m still unable to do strenuous exercise due to pain from a pre-existing condition however I have begun to do light exercise 3-4 times a week. I no longer feel the need to eat bad food, I don’t have cravings anymore.

This is the first weight loss method I have tried where I’m not craving unhealthy food. I noticed that when I stopped listening to the tapes I had been given a few weeks into the program, I started to have some cravings again especially for diet coke, so it is very important to follow the directions from Wendy and Colin. I’ve lost 7kgs in the first 6 weeks and all I can say is, this works and I’m really happy with this program.

Michelle, Townsville

I’d like to thank Wendy for guiding me through the Virtual Gastric Band program, it has definitely worked for me and helped me to become more positive and develop a better attitude. This is a life changing step for me and I would recommend this program to anyone who is feeling a little bit down because of weight issues. It is certainly a big help.

Phil, Townsville

I started the Virtual Gastric Band program 2 months ago and it has been really good.  I’ve noticed my food portions are smaller, I don’t pick at my food anymore and I am having just 3 meals a day.  I choose not to have coffee except for on the week-end as a treat.  My food intake has been cut by around half although I am not hungry between meals.

I have lost 8 kilos in about 8 weeks and am very happy with that.  I still have a way to go but I am confident enough that I can do it.  In the past, I have tried heaps of things, diets but compared to everything else I have tried this is by far the best and easiest.  It is not a diet, it is eating healthy and reducing food intake.  I am also exercising more, I now have the motivation and I am loving going to the gym about 5 days a week.

I get comments now about looking healthy and you can tell by my clothes all getting bigger.  It’s great, I can go shopping and buy some new ones!  Colin has been amazing at the clinic, it’s been great, I have enjoyed coming, loved relaxing and being hypnotised.
In general day to day life I feel more confident, I am a lot calmer and more chilled, really enjoying life more, not so stressed and I would certainly recommend the Virtual Gastric Band program to others.

Deana, Ayr

I started the Gastric Band Hypnosis with Colin 2 months ago now. I found it a bit challenging initially but now it is easy and automatic for me. I’m now exercising every second day, did not exercise at all before this program.  I dropped my food intake by 60%. I am of Italian heritage and food with a strong focus on carbs, it has been a big part of our culture. I’ve really reduced my carbs and have been gradually dropping ½ a kilo each week and feeling much better.

Kara, Ingham

Before I visited Wendy to start the Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis program, I spent some time reading and listening to other people’s success stories about the program.  I remember hearing and reading the word “easy” over and over and I thought surely it can’t be that easy because it has never been “easy” to lose weight!

However, here I am almost 3 months later saying exactly the same thing it really has been “easy”!  I’m amazed with the changes to my eating habits and attitude to food which started from day 1.  There have been no cravings for foods, I’ve had so much more energy, I enjoy exercising, I enjoy the flavours of food more than ever, I don’t feel hungry, I’m sleeping so much better and I’m loving the fact that I’ve dropped two dress sizes. Wendy has been wonderful, so easy to talk to and the strategies she has shared with me have been so helpful in retraining my brain to replace old habits with new ones that are better for my health and wellbeing.  Truly this is one of the best things I’ve ever done I’m just sorry I didn’t do it sooner.

Fay, Townsville

I would like to start by saying a huge thank you to Wendy for helping me get my life back in more ways than one.

I have been a yoyo dieter for 40 years and even though I lost weight at different times I always gained it back & then some. It was either being strict with what I ate or not caring what I ate however the end result was always the same, I gained weight. Exercise was the same, all or nothing.

The relationship I had with food & exercise was destructive, I would eat if I was happy, sad or bored and exercise for weeks but then I wouldn’t do it for a day or two and give up for a week or even months saying I am too busy to fit it in my life.

How things have changed, my life has never been better thanks to Wendy. I made the decision to start the Virtual Gastric Band program with Wendy at the end of November 2017 to finally do something about it once and for all. With Wendy’s help my relationship with food is now excellent. I knew all the things I should do to keep on track but somehow I always failed. This also impacted my life in other ways.

I’ve lost 10 kilos and many inches and even though my life has never been busier I make time for myself now and I have never been happier. I now enjoy exercise 6 days a week, it’s just part of my day. I treat myself with dignity & respect because I am worth it.

I would definitely recommend this to everybody who would like to end the cycle of yoyo dieting and feeling bad about themselves. Wendy says that nothing tastes as good as slim feels. A truer word has never been spoken. Don’t wait until this happens or that happens JUST DO IT, it will change your whole life. The only regret I have is that I didn’t do this sooner, it is by far the best and easiest way of   living and managing my whole life. I love my life.

Thank you so much Wendy, I will be forever grateful. Yours sincerely.

Kim, Ayr

I have struggled with my weight my whole life!  Pregnancy and birth of my two babies seen me put on almost 30kgs each time.  While I managed to lose the weight after baby one…this experience was HARD WORK!!!  I went through the emotional and physical ups and downs that come with being addicted to BAD food and lots of it!  I promised myself I wouldn’t do that again but after pregnancy two I found myself right back there 30kgs heavier AGAIN!  Ahh!!!

I decided something needed to be done and after seeing another local testimonial on fb I decided that the VGB hypnosis might just work for me… This time around with the support of the VGB hypnosis the weight is peeling off without the constant battle of food cravings and NONE of the feelings and emotions that I had the first-time round.

It really is exactly what everyone says…. EASY!!!  The journey of self-discovery and positive changes not just for myself but my whole family were even more valuable than the weight loss!! Thank you, Wendy and Colin, for providing a safe and nurturing place for those of us struggling with addictions to come and change our lives… FOREVER!!!  Best money I have EVER spent!!!  THANK YOU!!!

Louise, Ayr

I did the VGB program because of my health and bad relationship with food. My grandson was watching my bad habits with food and copying me. That terrified me and I needed to change something. My diet was so poor it was impacting my health and I just couldn’t keep up with my grandson. I was very unwell and I was eating all the wrong things.

I wasn’t giving my body what it needed and with Wendy’s help I was able to change that and eat the right foods. Now I feel amazing. My relationship with food has changed. My outlook and moods have changed. I feel better, I have more energy. I feel amazing! I still have a long way to go, but I’ve had a really big shift with food and I’m surprised at how easy that was considering how bad my relationship with food was.

I’d never eaten a vegetable or a piece of fruit in my life. I’ve gone from not touching fruit and vegetables and pulling faces and saying ‘yuck and I’m not eating that’, to all I want now is fruit and vegetables and salad and that’s all I’m looking for in my daily diet. I would never have imagined that would happen. It’s amazing, and my friends and family can’t believe what they’re seeing.

Kerry, Townsville

I was feeling really negative and knew there was something wrong. It was really tough and difficult with my food. I was craving food (sugar) and beating myself up. I felt in a really dark space within myself. I’ve been trying to lose weight. When I came in for my next weight loss session with Colin, we just ended up doing tapping instead (Emotional Freedom Technique) and it was really powerful.

I realised that my experiences around food as a child were influencing me. My experience was that I was not allowed to leave the table until I had finished my meal. This meant staying at the table for hours in some cases, unable to play. My mother would reward me with junk food if I finished my meal. So, after we did the tapping session, I felt lighter and freer and in the next couple of weeks I felt wonderful with my eating.

It was an amazing release of energy and feeling that I didn’t even know I had around food. All this happened over 40 years ago when I was a child and I’ve carried it with me ever since. I’ve always had a sugar addiction and I don’t have one any more. Now I use EFT whenever I need it. It’s really good. I’m a big believer in tapping.

Gabby, Townsville

I started the VGB program 6 weeks ago. Its been a lot easier than I expected. I’ve cut back on my eating and changed my habits, even the ones I thought weren’t bad. I have breakfast, lunch and dinner. All small meals and no snacks. I’ve lost 8.3kg so far. I still have some weight to lose, but it has been easy so far. I never thought it would be this easy.”

Kylie, Ayr

I started the Virtual Gastric Band program 6 weeks ago. I was a little bit sceptical at first, but I thought I need to do it and now I wish I’d done it earlier. I really do. It was literally like a switch was just flicked. The next day it all changed. I had no cravings and simply moved on to having 3 meals a day. That’s all I had. It has been life changing. I wish I had done it earlier, way earlier. I’ve lost 9kg.

It’s really exciting. I’ve been trying to lose weight for years and nothing else has worked at all. I’ve tried many different diets, all the fads. But I couldn’t do it by myself, this program was what I needed. Now I tell everyone about Virtual Gastric Band and recommend it. It has blown my mind; I really didn’t think it would work as well as it has. This program is not just about weight loss, it has changed everything in my life.

Teele, Townsville

I started the Gastric Band Program with Colin 12 months ago and I have lost 43kgs, I started at 108kg and am now 65kg and loving it.  It is the easiest thing I have ever done. I have tried diets, shakes and tablets from the Doctor before but nothing worked or was sustainable. This has been well worth the money, I’m now drinking lots of water, eating 70% less food and am very energetic now. It has been very easy to succeed and maintain. Thank you.


When I first started looking at something other than diets to help me lose weight, I thought of gastric band surgery. I didn’t want the surgery part of it though.  I started reading the Hypnosis & Emotional Freedom Centre Gastric Band hypnotherapy information. The reviews I had read were amazing. But I honestly thought “are you serious” I thought this won’t work! I kept reading more and more reviews with skepticism!

Then I thought I really want to check this out. I’ve tried diets, shakes, starving, eating heaps. Nothing worked!  I called and Colin answered, I spoke to him and organised a day and time for my first appointment.

I did tell him that I don’t understand how it worked. I told him I was worried about going under hypnosis. Well, I thought you know nothing else has helped long term. So, after that visit my plate size decreased and I wasn’t hungry until it was time for my next meal.

I drank water, actually wanted to drink a lot of water. Then my next visit and visits thereafter. I learnt a lot.

I have lost just over a Kg a week, now 6.8kg and still going strong. This isn’t a diet it’s a way of life I love. I listen to the audio aspect of it nearly every night.   Thank you, Colin.

Vanessa, Ayr

I’ve completed about 6 weeks on the gastric band program. The big change is my motivation to cut my food intake and to exercise. The exercise has been a really big thing because I didn’t have any motivation for it. Even though we really didn’t talk much about exercise, it just changed for me. I’ve basically changed my whole life, all my routines. I make the time now to eat and exercise.

Before I started this program, I had tried to lose weight at different times in my life, but I could never get the food thing under control. It feels now like a lifetime change. I’ve lost approx. 8kg and its easy with 50% less food. I feel happier in myself and in life. Much more confident and the program was easy.

Hayley, Townsville

I highly recommend the Hypnosis & Emotional Freedom Centre if you struggle with an unhealthy relationship with food. It has been 8 months since I first started a program with Colin and I am now 25 kg lighter and food no longer controls my life.   It is no longer something I turn to for comfort but is now something I use to nourish and maintain the health of my body. The ongoing support has been outstanding and they truly care about your success.

Jade, Townsville

I have just completed my 6 week VGB programme with Colin and have lost 6.5 kgs and I have to say it has been an amazing experience.  To say how easy it has been is an understatement. This is not a diet this is a lifetime journey of being empowered to be in control of your relationship with food and overall health and well-being.

Colin has given me amazing support and all the tools I need to move forward to reach my weight loss goals and I can’t thank him enough. I started this journey being very unhealthy mind and body after a lifetime of emotional eating and self sabotage.  From my very first session with Colin my mindset has shifted from self loathing and zero motivation to feeling empowered, in control of a total life change, where I desire to exercise and eat healthy smaller portions. This is a miracle I can tell you. I am now eating easily 60% less and desire only healthy clean foods.

Loving my daily walks, I feel energised and in control and it feels so good. My blood pressure has lowered and I am sleeping so much better now and my anxiety has all but gone.  I cannot recommend this programme enough. It has been a life changer for me and I am very excited for the journey ahead as I continue to becoming slimmer healthier and fitter. Thanks again Colin and Wendy.

Wendy, Townsville

I started out on my journey with Colin cautiously hopeful of reaching my weight loss goal. I have always been the “bigger girl with pretty face” and although losing weight was something I really wanted I have been on this journey many times before and I was also skeptical and worried I would fail again.

I had been in a pattern of binge eating and trying to eat my way to happiness which obviously was never going to work but I was struggling to change my habits. Since doing the program with Colin I have now lost over 22kgs in the last 6 months and am the lightest I have weighed in my adult life.

I am so much happier and more confident within myself. It wasn’t always “easy” but it has definitely been worth it. The best part isn’t just the actual weight loss but the healing within my mind and the healthier relationship I now have with food. I couldn’t have achieved this without Colin’s support and guidance.

Cassie, Townsville

About 2 years ago I did a competition prep at the gym, it required me to follow a very strict diet, which meant I was thinking about food all the time. I came out of that with binge eating and gained a lot of weight. I thought that comp preps were pretty cool and it was very hard to do and there was nothing that would stop me from doing it. I didn’t realise how bad the effects were going to be from doing it, I gained a binge eating disorder from that and have been fighting it ever since. Up to the point where if I ate something bad, I would continue to binge eat and I would take out my anger on myself and the people around me.

It was a long process but I decided to try hypnosis as I had seen some people having really good results from it and I really didn’t want to continue with having a life where I was continually binge eating, so I decided to give it a go. It really changed my life and I feel so much better not having to worry about what I’m going to be eating the whole day and having to prep my meals daily because there was no way I was going to eat something bad. So now I’m relaxed around food, enjoying healthy eating and I can enjoy my life with my friends and family and I can live life to the fullest without having to worry if I’m going to put on weight.


Thank you very, very much Wendy. I never thought that I would ever get to where I have, but with Wendy’s help and guidance I have got there. It is the easiest program. I would encourage anyone with a weight problem to come and be part of this program. It is amazing. Thank you, Wendy.

Kay, Ayr

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